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Lava Chocolate Creamy


  • Chocolate: 200 Grams.
  • Butter: 100 Grams.
  • Full Eggs: Two.
  • Egg Yolk: One.
  • Sugar: 60 Grams.
  • Vanilla Extracts: 1 Table Spoon.
  • All Purpose Flour: 30 Grams.

The 2 Week Diet


Put some water in pan to boil and place a bowl over it so that water steam can heat it up. Then add chocolate & butter in heating bowl. Mix them until all butter dissolves into chocolate. Remove bowl from water and let it cool down. Add two full eggs and one egg yolk only in a bowl and stir them. Now add sugar, vanilla extract and all purpose flour into eggs and shake them well.

Now add chocolate mix into this eggs solution and stir it well. Prepare microwave over cups with butter and all purpose flour, put all material in these cups and bake them at 180C for 10 minutes.

Enjoy your Lava Chocolate Creamy.


3-4 Persons.